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Spy Watch: Master of Discretion

If you need to secretly record videos or audio messages, you’re probably at a loss for how to do so without attracting attention.

You could own a spy watch that takes all the necessary footage.

However, not all spy watches offer the same kind of features.

If you want something that will suit your needs, you should consider some of the following features the watch should possess.

1. HD Visual Recording

A lot of spy wristwatches will offer video recording capabilities.

Yet the video quality isn’t always what it could be.

You may look at extremely grainy visuals when you play the video back. That isn’t great if you’re trying to capture someone’s face with complete accuracy.

An important part of picking up your spy wristwatch is to ensure that it has HD recording capabilities.

1080 HD is one of the best visual qualities that you can currently obtain.

You may be able to find a spy wristwatch that offers 4K recording, but you can expect it to be expensive.

2. Audio/Visual Recording

Another aspect to consider is if the watch offers audio and visual recording. some watches are only capable of doing one or the either.

If you need visual and audio capture, you should ensure that the watch you have an eye on is capable of doing both.

Unless you’re in the market for an expensive watch, you may have to sacrifice visual or audio quality to receive both capabilities.

In that case, it will be a matter of which aspect is the most important to you and your needs.

3. Waterproof

Not all spy wristwatches are waterproof.

Like regular watches, they don’t expect you to be standing out in the rain or going swimming with the watch on your wrist.

However, if you need to be out in the rain or take a swim somewhere to capture something, you might need to check into the waterproofing.

Since your spy watch will have a lot of intricate electronics inside of it, you need to ensure that those delicate parts are protected.

Wires and the lens itself likely don’t enjoy being exposed to water.

To keep your watch lasting as long as possible and protect the footage you’ve collected, a waterproof watch may be an extra feature to consider.

4. Stream to PC

Some watches allow you to stream to a live PC.

This is an important feature to add to your spy wristwatch if you need an extra witness for the testimony or confession that you’re capturing.

This capability also often means that the footage can be saved on the PC.

Since watches don’t always possess a lot of memory, this is an added bonus.

You could stream for several hours without worrying about space on your watch.

5. Memory

Speaking of memory, the final feature that you should consider for your spy wristwatch is its memory.

One of the worst scenarios that could happen to you is finding yourself in a session only for your watch to run out of memory.

You may discover that the last few hours weren’t recorded because they ran out of space.

Some watches also feature a loop in which they start to replace old files with new ones.

While this can be helpful if you don’t need those old files anymore, it might also erase your earlier session. Your watch needs a sizeable memory.

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