What Is Covert?

What Is Covert?

Covert is a term that is widely used to denote something that is concealed, secret, or not openly acknowledged. It is usually done subtly or stealthily to avoid detection, often associated with a variety of fields like military operations, detective work, cyber activities, etc. In the realm of psychology, covert behavior encompasses unobservable actions like thinking or feeling.

Related Questions

1. What is the difference between overt and covert?

Overt and covert are two terms often used when talking about behaviors or actions. Overt refers to observable or openly demonstrated actions. These are acts that can be witnessed by others because they are done openly. On the other hand, covert refers to concealed, hidden, or secret actions. These types of behaviors cannot be directly observed and are done subtly.

2. Can you give an example of a covert operation?

Sure, covert operations are usually used by intelligence agencies, like a spy infiltrating a foreign government to gather sensitive information. The operative’s identity and mission are kept secret to avoid detection.

3. What does covert mean in psychology?

In psychology, covert refers to internal or mental actions that are not directly observable, such as thoughts, emotions, and motivations. These are contrasted with overt behaviors which are physical, observable actions.

4. How is the term covert used in medicine?

In medicine, ‘covert’ can refer to conditions that are not readily visible or apparent. For instance, covert strokes are actual strokes that are not noticed because they don’t demonstrate the classic visible symptoms.

5. Is covert behavior necessarily bad?

Not necessarily. Covert behaviors are simply those that are hidden or not readily apparent. They can be negative, such as deceptive practices, but they can also simply refer to internal processes like thinking, which are neutral and essential to human existence.

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