What Is an Agent in Place?

What Is an Agent in Place?

An agent in place is a phrase most commonly used in espionage. It refers to an individual who is positioned inside an organization, company, or government agency to gather and report information back to the entity that put them there. This entity could be a foreign government, intelligence agency, or a competitive business. The key feature is that the agent in place maintains a normal appearance of loyalty to their organization, while secretly operating for another entity.

Related Questions

1. What does a double agent do?

A double agent works for two intelligence services but is loyal to only one. Their primary purpose is to deceive the agency they are spying on by giving false information while collecting genuine intelligence for the agency they serve.

2. What is a sleeper agent?

A sleeper agent is a person who infiltrates a target organization to spy, but remains inactive and blends in until awakened or activated. These agents can remain dormant for years before carrying out any espionage activities.

3. What is a mole in terms of espionage?

A mole is an individual who has been recruited or has surged their way into a position of trust within an organization, government, or intelligence agency to gather and clandestine relay information to the entity they are spying for.

4. Do real life spies exist?

Yes, real life spies do exist. Intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI6, or the KGB have employed spies for decades to gather sensitive information about foreign governments, organizations, or individuals.

5. How are spies recruited?

Spies can be recruited in numerous ways, including by approaching individuals who possess valuable information or through coercion. Some individuals may volunteer to become spies out of ideological motivation, personal reasons, or monetary gain.

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