Hi, I’m Charles, one of the folks behind this website. There’s nothing more important to me than my safety and my privacy, and I work hard to maintain both.

But the world has gone mad.

Don’t believe me?

Just search the news for privacy-related crimes and see for yourself how crazy people are.

Or better yet, read the current privacy-related offenses in the New York Times.

What Is Spy Googly?

Spy Googly provides actionable information and product suggestions so you can take measures to defend yourself.

It could be an unexpected confrontation that requires video evidence or a hidden weapon to aid in self-defense.

Either way, Spy Googly has you covered.

The Origin of Spy Googly

In the world of cricket, a googly is “a ball bowled with a deceptive action.”

Our website, Spy Googly, is a play on this word. Hopefully, you find the name as fitting as we do.

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